Respect to biodiversity meditarrean diet

Introduction Mediterranean dietary patterns have developed over the past or more years spreading from the Fertile Crescent 1 and influenced by the conquests of many different civilizations, the consolidated dietary rules of the three main monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islamand continuous interactions, additions, and exchanges inside and outside the region.

Limitations of the Indicator In some countries, organic production can be marginal only or data on organic production or consumption are not available at national or regional level. The biodiversity of photosynthetic nano- and picoflagellates other than coccolithophores is poorly known for most groups, as may be expected from the difficulties involved in their identification.

We assumed a species to respect to biodiversity meditarrean diet present in each cell for which the species-specific predicted relative probability of occurrence was greater than zero.

Journal of Consumer Policy For each 0. Recent application of new methodologies such as metagenomics and tag sequencing will in the near future provide more accurate estimates.

More cross-disciplinary studies on environmental, economic and socio-cultural, and sustainability dimensions of the Mediterranean diet are foreseen as a critical need.

According to FAO, the most sustainable diets are the ones which have both a low environmental impact respecting biodiversity and ecosystems and are also nutritionally adequate, contributing to food safety and a healthy lifestyle. Data Sources In most industrialized countries, data on the organic market volume as well as the market shares are available as well as recorded Different instruments were used to have a comprehensive picture of the eating patterns Table 2.

The present availability of data can be restricted to a limited number of studies, but this figure is expected to markedly improve in the next future. Milk and dairy products: As a result, the Mediterranean diet is an expression of the different food cultures present in the Mediterranean region, with diverse food consumption and production patterns, in continuous evolution representing the particular historical and environmental mosaic that is the Mediterranean 2.

Therefore, the Mediterranean diet is more than just a defined diet, but it represents the plurality of various cultural expressions of different Mediterranean food cultures and lifestyles. In the last decade, the Mediterranean diet has become the object of increasing studies on its environmental sustainability, because of its mainly plant-based dietary pattern and its lower greenhouse gas emissions and lower water footprints, when compared to current Western dietary patterns 44 — The Mediterranean diet has been well-characterized scientifically following the pioneering Seven Countries Study conducted by Ancel Keys in the 60s 6.

Environmental impact: comparing different diets

Data obtained from FBS do not reflect the effective food intake, because they relate to the food quantities theoretically available for consumption; the amount of food consumed is lower than those reported in FBS, due to the degree of losses of edible food and nutrients in the household, e.

Wine in moderation is acceptable when it is not contradictory to religious and social norms 3 — 5. Google Scholar Padilla, M.

The New Pyramid of Mediterranean Diet

Food biodiversity composition and consumption; A8. Plant and Animal Protein Consumption Ratios Definition This indicator is a ratio of the relative intakes of protein from plant and animal sources, assessing adherence to an optimal dietary pattern, and a proxy for environmental impact of diets.

Therefore, the Mediterranean diet is more than just a defined diet, but it represents the plurality of various cultural expressions of different Mediterranean food cultures and lifestyles.

Mediterranean Diet: From a Healthy Diet to a Sustainable Dietary Pattern

Pasta ZARA products are designed for your health: The process for the production of the present document began in the second half of Despite its increasing popularity worldwide, adherence to the Mediterranean diet model is decreasing for multifactorial influences — life styles changes, food globalization, economic, and socio-cultural factors.

Limitations of the Indicator National IDS using food diaries or dietary recalls estimate the actual consumption i. However, we placed together Archaea and Bacteria because little information exists for either of these divisions. It is associated with household socioeconomic status and food security energy availability at the household level.

These well-characterized, controlled, and certified methods of food productions exclude the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, GMOs, and intensive animal husbandry 74 — Abstract.

The Mediterranean diet (MD hereafter) is widely recognized as one of the healthiest dietary patterns, able to benefit biodiversity and food system M.

T. Gorgitano, V. Sodano. chapter 4 an example of a sustainable diet: the mediterranean diet sustainable diets and biodiversity directions and solutions for policy, research and action. The Mediterranean diet pyramid[54]has been presented as a biodiversity and nutrition resource to support global food security and sustainable development[54, 55].

The Mediterranean Diet (MD. To present the Mediterranean diet as an example of a sustainable diet, in which nutrition, biodiversity, local food production, culture and sustainability are strongly interconnected. The 2nd World Conference “Strategies towards more sustainable food s ystems in the Mediterranean Region: Mediterranean Diet as a Lever for Bridging Consumption and Production, in a Sustainable and Healthy Way”, will take place in Palermo (Italy) from the 15 to 17 May “The Mediterranean Diet is a set of skills, knowledge, practices and traditions related to human food, which go from the land to the table, encompassing cultures, crops and fishing, as well as the preservation, processing and preparation of food and, in particular, its consumption.

Respect to biodiversity meditarrean diet
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